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How We Help

We believe in giving back to the art community! For every sale, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to an art related non-profit to support artists in need.

Current Benefiting Non-Profit: The Crayon Initiative

The Crayon Initiative gives kids in hospitals free crayons - and the power to face their challenges with the freedom to make art.

Kids in hospitals are like children everywhere—they just want to be happy and play. The Crayon Initiative is here to help that happen, by giving them tools to make art. Studies show that art therapy can reduce heart rates, improve cognition, release endorphins and alleviate stress. And most of their young patients take The Crayon Initiative's crayons home with them as the happiest part of their stay. 

The Crayon Initiative sends free crayons to over 240 hospitals across the United States.

Learn more: Home - The Crayon Initiative

For Non-Profits:

Whether your non-profit donates instruments to low income families, runs art classes, gives dance lessons, puts on benefit concerts, or really anything art related, we are here to help. Please reach out and send an email to 

Please note, while we want to help as many non-profits as we can, we currently highlight 1 non-profit per quarter so there may be a wait to be featured.